Overseas Real Estate

Overseas Real Estate

In recent years, with continuous improvement of Singapore’s international financial and trade status, the value of real estate investment in Singapore is getting higher and higher. At the same time, with the development of Singapore’s overseas study and immigration industry, more and more investors choose to live in Singapore, driving the rapid development of the real estate industry.

Advantages of Singapore Real Estate

  1. Livable country with beautiful environment
  2. Foreigners can purchase commercial real estate without status restrictions
  3. Foreigners can loan from bank with low interest rate
  4. Some commercial properties have 999 years or permanent property rights

Singapore Property Type

HDB Flats: An equivalent to affordable domestic housing, only Singapore citizens can buy new HDB flats, and permanent residents can only buy second-hand housing.

Executive Condominium: similar of that to a private condominium, but only eligible to Singaporeans citizens.

Private Apartments: Foreigners can purchase private apartments. Apartments are generally equipped with a full set of facilities including clubs, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and barbecue stations.

Landed Property: Landed property usually refers to a villa with a private garden and garage. Under normal circumstances, foreigners and Singapore permanent residents cannot buy it. Except for designated areas, such as Sentosa

Type of Land Leases:
Singapore land leases are different from 70-year land leases in China. They are divided into 99-year, 999-year and freehold land leases.


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