Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening

Opening a Singapore bank personal account is simple and convenient. After opening the account, you can transfer funds, invest or spend offshore. It has become one of the most popular overseas accounts in the world. Currently, we provide services such as opening a Singapore personal VIP bank account, opening a Singapore company account, opening an overseas company (offshore company) bank account, and opening a Singapore private bank account.



Project Advantage

  1. Simple application, fast and short waiting time, account opening can be completed in 1-2 weeks
  2. Funds are not subjected to foreign exchange control and are freely used at any time; currencies of different countries can be freely converted internationally
  3. Convenient trade settlement. Japanese banks in Singapore accept BVI, Cayman Islands and other offshore companies to open accounts
  4. Open online banking in one step, easy to use
  5. As an Asian financial center, Singapore has many banking institutions and service items

Documents Required for corporate bank account

  1. Company registration paper and articles of association
  2. Director’s passport and ID card
  3. Director’s residential address certificate, driver’s license or utility bill or credit card
  4. Initial deposit check or cash starting from $1000

Application process for corporate bank account

Sign service agreement

Gather information

Submit document to bank

Bank preliminary review

Singapore visa interview and client’s guidance interview

Bank account activation

Documents required for personal bank account

  1. Passport
  2. ID card
  3. Real estate certificate and phone number
  4. Deposit 360,000 SGD ( or equivalent foreign currency for three months ) / Deposit 2,000,000 SGD in private bank

Application process for personal bank account

Sign contract and gather information in order

Submit document to bank

Bank review document submitted

Receive bank card and online banking information sent by the bank

How to use account instruction


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