Asset Allocation

Asset Management

With rich experience in wealth management in Singapore and Hongkong, we provides our clients with the latest and comprehensive global investment analysis, investment strategy, product positioning and performance based on market direction,

Singapore Tax

Singapore has one of the lowest personal income tax rates in the developed countires. Individual income tax rates remain between 0-22%, while corporate income remains 17%, with no capital gains tax

One-stop Solution

  1. Setup Family Office
  2. Planning Tax Resident Status
  3. Planning Second Passport
  4. Setup VUL
  5. Setup Trust

Bonds and Funds

Asset preservation is a major concern for investors to ensure that their wealth does not depreciate sharply during market fluctuations.

Bonds and funds are key investment categories to achieve stability. They are less risky and higher in value than stocks as it pays dividends on a regular basis.

Not only Xincheng Group have access to large number of bonds and funds options, but understood all the importance of asset preservation and stability. Using our experiences, Xincheng Group had created a numbers of solution to help our clients.


Choosing a professional person who understood the trends and development of the stock market is important to our client’s investment. 

Xincheng Group is able to help our clients to handle their stocks transaction globally as well.

Xincheng Group is able to deliver a coherent strategy and investment approach for clients.


We cooperate with many leading insurance partners from Hong Kong and Singapore to provide our clients with a wide range of insurance solutions, including medical insurance, Universal Life, VUL, etc.

We believe that we have a strong competitive advantage in inheritance and insurance area. Our products are geared towards high net worth investors.


Setting up trust is a vital for high net worth clients to perform assets isolation, identity hiding, tax saving and inheritance.

We will customize suitable trust plan based on our client’s needs, making it a one-stop arrangement for all the setup processes. Beside the traditional family trust, there is a new type of trust – VUL -, which can help the client to hold assets legally while at the same, allow the custodian to allocate 3-5 times of death compensation for free.


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