Singapore Private University

Singapore Private University

Singapore’s Ministry of Education stipulates that private universities in Singapore can only issue diploma for college courses. Therefore, most private universities in Singapore partnered with famous overseas universities to provide degree which are recognized in the world. In addition, Singapore’s private universities have a shorter academic system to obtain a degree – with a maximum of 30 months. Moreover, Singapore’s tuition and living expenses are relatively cheaper than those in the United States, Britain and Australia.  Students who need to improve their English standards can enroll themselves to study Business English.  Levels of certification provided by schools in Singapore include – Diploma, Degree and Master and MBA

Popular Courses include:

  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Life Science
  • Hotel Management
  • Finance

Xincheng Group works with schools like SIM, SMU, Kaplan Education, Curtis, MDIS JCU, NAFA, LASSELLE, Raffles Music School and PSB etc.

Singapore Private University Application Process

Student’s English Notarization Of Birth And Birth Medical Certificate (Original And Scanned Copy)

Notarization Of The Highest Degree Graduation Certificate And Notarization Of Transcripts

Other Supplementary Materials Such As Portfolios (If Required)

Submit License/Tax Exemption Application To MAS

Scanned Copy Of Student Passport

Scanned Copy Of Parents’ Passport

Student Passport Size ID Photo Within 6 Months

Parents’ Work Certificate (We Provide Templates For English Version)

6-month Fixed Bank Deposit Certificate Of 160,000 Or More

IELTS Score Or Other English Scores


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