Singapore Private Primary and Secondary School

Singapore Private Primary and Secondary School

Students who wish to study in Singapore’s private primary and secondary schools do not need to take the AEIS exam for admission, provided if the school has a vacancy and the student has passed the school’s admission ability assessment. Singapore’s bilingual environment and multiculturalism create a more suitable environment for students to study abroad, which helps students to smoothly pass the adaptation period. This cannot be replaced by other countries.

When choosing a private primary and secondary school in Singapore, student should choose a school certified with Edu Trust certification. Teachers in Singapore’s private primary and secondary schools are all registered under Singapore Ministry of Education. They share the same start time for school and curriculum in government primary and secondary schools. They use the teaching materials provided by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Students participate in the same graduation exams taken by the students in Singapore government primary and secondary school.

Fees for Singapore Private Primary And Secondary School on average:  $25,000 – $40,000 SGD

Singapore Private Primary and Secondary School Application Process

Client Consultation And Sign The Contract

The Client Provides The Original Copy Of The Child’s Vaccination, We Notarize The Translation And Submit It To The Hospital And The Singapore Health Promotion Board.(Under 12 Years Old)

Apply For The Private School For The Student

Prepare Student Pass Application Documents And Submit

The Student Pass Is In-Principle Approval(IPA) And The Student Enters Singapore Then The Student Goes To The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) To Collect The Student Pass


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