Singapore Master Programme

Singapore Master Programme

Singapore education inherits the Education system of the Commonwealth. Post-graduate students are divided into two types: reserach-based and course-based. In Singapore research gradudate students need to study for 1.5 o 2 years, while teaching graduate students only need to study for 1 to 1.5 years. The research-based master is a transitional degree with a focus on academic research, supplemented by lectures, and generally offers scholarships. The teaching type graduate students are the graduate students who give priority to teaching, supplemented by research and take employment as the purpose. Currently, we focus on applying for course-based master’s programs for students.

Singapore Master Programme Application Process

Student’s English notarization Of Birth And Birth Medical Certificate (Original And Scanned Copy)

Highest Degree + Translation Notarization Of Transcript

Translation And Notarization Of Scholarships And Various Award Certificates

Parents’ Marriage Certificate

Applicant’s Marriage Certificate (If Any)

Scanned Copy Of Student Passport

Student Passport Size ID Photo Within 6 Months

English CV

Work internship Certificate (Chinese and English) (If Any

Recommendation Letter (Chinese and English)

Copies Of Published Papers, etc

6-Month Fixed Bank Deposit Certificate Of 160,000 Or More

IELTS Score Or Other English Scores


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