Singapore Kindergarten

Singapore Kindergarten

Foreigners can directly apply to study in Singapore kindergarten even if their parents do not work in Singapore, does not hold Singapore Permanent Resident / Singapore Citizenship status. Government kindergartens are cost-effective, private and international kindergartens have advanced facilities and beautiful environment. 

There are three types of kindergartens in Singapore:

  • Government kindergartens
  • Private kindergartens
  • International kindergartens

Kindergartens in Singapore will accept students’ applications at any time as long there is vacancy.           

For international students, applications should be initiated four months in advance. 

Government Kindergarten

  • Singapore currently has two government kindergartens – PAP (People’s Action Party) and MFS (National Trade Union kindergarten). The branch schools of these two spread across the island, most of which have a long running history. Usually community-centered, the location provide familiar environment and convenient transportation for parents. Compared with private kindergartens, government kindergartens have lower tuition.
  • School fees – $1,000 – $1,500 SGD per month

Private Kindergarten

  • Operated by a private organization (community, grassroots, commercial organization, etc.).
  • Fundamentally adopt the same educational model as public kindergartens, while facility is also of high-quality, thus guaranteed the school quality. Compared with public kindergartens, vacancies in private kindergarten are more readily available.
  • School Fee : $1,500 – $2,500 SGD per month

International Kindergarten

  • The international kindergarten has high-quality equipment, a beautiful environment and an international learning atmosphere. These elements provide comprehensive development to the children.

  • School fee : $30,000 – $40,000 SGD per year

Government Kindergarten

There are two government kindergartens in Singapore: PAP and My First Skool. These two kindergartens have a long history and have branches all over the island, usually downstairs the HDB. Government Kindergarten tuition is lower than that of Private Kindergarten and International Kindergarten.

Tuition Fees: around SGD1,000/month

Private Kindergarten

Private kindergartens are operated by the private sector, such as community and commercial institutions, Private kindergartens basically adopt the same teaching mode as public kindergartens, so they can guarantee the teaching quality, and private kindergartens have advanced facilities. Private kindergartens have more vacancies than public Kindergartens.

Tuition Fees: around SGD2,000- SGD2,500/month

International Kindergarten

The international kindergartens have the first-class campus facilities and the international learning environment, has created the condition for the child comprehensive quality development. International kindergartens campus are large so they have more vacancies.

Tuition Fees: around SGD3,000/month

Singapore Kindergarten Application Process

Consultation and signing of the contract

The client provides the original copy Of the child’s vaccination, Xincheng Group will notarize the language translation And submit It to a local hospital And Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Initiate Kindergarten application for the student

Prepare student pass application documents

Receive In-Principle Approval (IPA),  the Student enters Singapore and goes to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) To collect their Student Pass


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