Singapore International School

Singapore International School

In addition to high-quality public education resources,  well-known international schools are also a major feature of the Singapore education. Many Chinese parents choose to send their children to study in Singapore. Many diplomatic envoys in Singapore or representatives of large multinational companies have chosen Singapore International School for their children. There are dozens of international schools in Singapore, many of which are world-renowned. Most international schools offer IB courses, and students with IB certificates can directly apply for admission to more than 4000 universities in more than 120 countries. And the advantages of applying for world-famous universities are obvious, the world’s top universities, including Harvard and Cambridge. Singapore’s international schools are dominated by IB courses. In terms of past IB results, the passing rate of Singapore IB courses is as high as 98%, while the global average passing rate is only 68.73%. Sixty percent of global candidates with perfect scores are from Singapore, with the best results in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fees for International Schools in Singapore on average:  $25,000 – $40,000 SGD

Please also note that most schools will also charge other fees. For example, the registration fee is usually $3,000 – $5,000 SGD, and the school will charge ESL fees, usually between 2,000-5,000 SGD, depending on the amount of ESL support the students need.

Singapore International School Application Process

Client Consultation And Sign The Contract

The Client Provides The Original Copy Of The Child’s Vaccination, We Notarize The Translation And Submit It To The Hospital And The Singapore Health Promotion Board.(Under 12 Years Old)

Apply For The International School For The Student

Prepare Student Pass Application Documents And Submit

The Student Pass Is In-Principle Approval(IPA) And The Student Enters Singapore Then The Student Goes To The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) To Collect The Student Pass


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