AEIS/O/A - Level Preparatory Courses ​

AEIS/O/A - Level Preparatory Courses

AEIS/O/A Level Preparatory Courses include

  • Singapore government preparatory courses for primary and secondary schools
  • Singapore O-level preparatory courses
  • Singapore A-level courses

It is suitable for students who want to take the above three exams in Singapore. You can choose the preparatory course you need according to your situation. 


The International Student Entrance Examination (AEIS) includes an intensive test for English and mathematics which will assess the applicant’s English proficiency, mathematical and reasoning ability. If the exam is successful, the school vacancy availability will depend on the applicant’s place of residence in Singapore. AEIS preparatory course is held on every September or October. The Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) will hold the International Student Entrance Examination (AEIS): AEIS government entrance examination for primary and secondary schools, in order to hope that international students can join the local mainstream schools (Singapore Government schools) centralized enrollment activities. Students who pass the exam will be able to enroll in January next year (Singapore Government School). 

O Level

Singapore “O” Level Examination, also known as GCE’O’ Level (Singapore Cambridge General Certificate Level Examination) is an exam jointly sponsored by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Cambridge University Examinations Bureau. It is also an exam for Singaporean secondary school students after receiving 4 years- After 5 years of middle school education, take the exams uniformly. The examination will be held once a year, and the examination results will be recognized by all Commonwealth countries. O Common level test papers are all in English, and candidates should answer in English.

There are a total of 12 examination subjects and seven courses, including business, Chinese, basic mathematics, advanced mathematics, computer, accounting, chemistry and physics. The score requirements for applying for the Singapore Polytechnic through the “O” level: English + Mathematics + the best scores in other 3 subjects. The “O” level test uses a 9-point scoring method, divided into A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6, D7, D8, and E9. The smaller the cause, the better. Students who have achieved a C6 or lower in the English unified test and a total score of 15 or less, have an opportunity to be admitted to 14 government junior colleges (pre-university).

A Level

Singapore Cambridge “A” level (Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, referred to as GCE A Level) examination is a qualification examination for admission to 3 universities in Singapore (National University, NTU, and University of Management). The test results are recognized by all countries in the Commonwealth. And accept. The examinations are organized by the Ministry of Education of Singapore and are held in November every year. To enter the three government universities in Singapore, you must pass the “A” LEVEL or “A” level exam. Singaporean students can take the “A” level examination only if they have completed the junior college or the two-year high school “A” level course. The government also encourages members of the public and overseas students to apply directly. Advantages of A Level Examination 1. The “A” level examination is the British Cambridge General Education Certificate Ordinary Level A Level Examination. The test results are assessed by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the Cambridge Examinations Board. The results are internationally recognized and can be exempted from admission to universities in the Commonwealth.

With an A level certification, students can apply for admission to the five public polytechnics under the Singapore government and Singapore public universities. The application time for A-level examinations is in November of each year. The application time for the “A”-level examinations needs to be three months in advance and the notification time for test results is two to three months after the exams.

Conditions for applying for “A” level: If the applicant is in China, aged 18-25, and graduated from high school; if the applicant is in Singapore, the age can be relaxed to 30, and other conditions remain unchanged. Singapore’s A-level examination, General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, is a level test framework jointly launched by the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the Cambridge University Examinations Institute. After two or three years of study, Singapore Junior College students can take the A-level examinations. With A-level results, they can apply to four public universities in Singapore, as well as universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Application Process

Client Consultation And Sign The Contract

The Client Provides The Original Copy Of The Child’s Vaccination, We Notarize The Translation And Submit It To The Hospital And The Singapore Health Promotion Board.(Under 12 Years Old)

Apply For The International School For The Student

Prepare Student Pass Application Documents And Submit

The Student Pass Is In-Principle Approval(IPA) And The Student Enters Singapore Then The Student Goes To The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) To Collect The Student Pass


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