Student Immigration

Student Immigration

On December 18, 2017, the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority issued the latest policy: as long as a student pass the PSLE ​​(Primary Six School Leaving Examination), N-level/O-level/A-level in Singapore, or any of the national exams, and live in Singapore for two years, they can directly apply for Singapore permanent residents.

Project Advantage

  1. Student has a higher success application rate to become a Singapore permanent resident
  2. Student who became permanent resident of Singapore can enjoy lower tuition fees
  3. Able student for future employment in Singapore
  4. Planning your identity while studying

Application Conditions

  1. Applicants need to pass PSLE ‌‌(Primary Six Leaving Exam) or N level/O level/ IA level
  2. Applicant Need to live in Singapore for more than two years

Documents Required

  1. Applicant’s passport
  2. Applicant’s parent’s passport
  3. Applicant’s birth medical certificate and birth certificate
  4. Applicant‘s passport size white background photo. Shot within the past 6 months
  5. Applicant’s parent’s employment certificate letter (English)
  6. Bank deposit certificate ( Deposit 160,000 RMB for 6 months)
  7. Original vaccine and vaccine notarization (need to be provided under 12 years old)
  8. Notarization of the applicant’s highest education or school certificate
  9. Notarization of the applicant’s school result transcript for the past two years

Student Immigration

Sign An Agreement To Develop A Suitable Study Plan For The Student

Enroll Student In School, Get Admission To School

Prepare Materials To Apply For A Student Visa

Approval Of Student Visa, Assist Student To Report To School

Plan Student’s Immigration Program

Help Students Apply For Singapore PR, When A Student Has Taken Any Of The Four Exams And Stayed For More Than Two Years In SIngapore


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