Global Investor Program (GIP)

Global Investor Program (GIP)

This plan is an investment immigration plan supervised by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Targeting successful entrepreneurs around the world who wish to obtain Singapore permanent residence for themselves and their families. The Global Business Investor Program (GIP) is currently Singapore’s only investment immigration method and the only immigration program that can get a green card in one step. 

Project Advantage

  1. The fastest way to get a permanent resident of Singapore
  2. One person can bring three generations of family members in one application
  3. Opportunities to apply for quality public schools in Singapore
  4. Secured overseas asset allocation
  5. No inheritance tax for wealth management and family inheritance
  6. Tax exemption policy granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  7. The establishment of a commercial entity helps promote the internationalization of the business

Application Conditions

  1. Applicant need to invest 2.5 million to purchase government-designated funds or established commercial entitles
  2. Submit previous 3 years financial audit reports. The company’s annual turnover in the most recent year is no less than $200 millions, and the average annual turnover for the past 3 years reached at least $200 millions
  3. Applicant’s company must comply with one or more business area in the government-designated industry
  4. Applicant needs to own 30% of the company’s shares
  5. The applicant must have a minimum 3 year entrepreneurial and successful business track record
  6. Excluding construction industry, developer and 4s shop

Application Process

Formally submit a global business investor plan application

Applicants will be notified to travel to Singapore and have an interview with the relevant EDB (Economic Development Board of Singapore) officials

Once ICA had received the application documents and responded to the applicant. Applicant must fulfil the investment as written on the application form within six months from the date specified in the letter from the Singapore ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority).

After the applicant fulfilled the investment stated on the application form, the relevant supporting documents, such as stock certificates, bank statements etc, must be handed over to EDB to be held by them for five years

After EDB receives the documents, the ICA will notify the applicant in writing that the permanent residency has been approved with instructions on how to proceed with the relevant formal procedures

Applicants must go to the Singapore ICA to go through the formal procedures within one year 


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