Global Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office

Global Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office

GIP + Family Office is an alternate investment solution to GIP, as it only require applicant to set up a family office to serve as an investment immigration plan to be supervised by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Targeting successful entrepreneurs around the world, the Global Business Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office is suitable for those who wish to migrate to Singapore and reallocate their wealth asset to Singapore. 


  1. Invest $2.5 million to set up family office structure in Singapore
  2. The family office holds family assets (AUM ) up to $200 million
  3. Singapore onshore asset allocation need to reach $50 million


  1. The total market value of financial assets with high liquidity (excluding properties)

  2. Financial assets include stocks, bonds, funds, cash, surrender value of insurance policy, etc

Global Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office

As an investor who is interested in starting up a business or investing in Singapore, you may apply for the Singapore Permanent Residence status (PR) through the Global Investor Programme (GIP). Under the GIP, you can choose one of the following investment options:

Option FO: Invest at least S$2.5 million in a new Singapore-based single family office having Assets-Under-Management (AUM*) of at least S$200 million. *AUM includes all financial assets, such as bank deposits, capital market products, collective investment schemes, premiums paid in respect of onshore life insurance policies and other investment products, excluding real estate.

Eligibility For GIP-FO Option Application

You are eligible to apply for PR under the GIP-FO option if you have:

(i) At least 5 years of entrepreneurial, investment or management track record and

(ii) An individual, or direct family net worth of at least S$400 million


You must submit a detailed 5-year business plan with projected employment and annual financial projections as outlined in Form B. The business plan should also explain your role in your single-family office, the functions of your family office, your proposed investment sectors, asset types and geographical focus. You are required to fulfil the third-year milestones outlined in your business plan and fulfil your business plan within 5 years of your Singapore Permanent Residence Final Approval. The third-year milestones that your Singapore-based single-family office would be required to achieve are:

a) the hiring of at least 5 employees and

b) an annual total business expenditure of at least S$1 million.

Project Advantage

  1. The fastest way to get a permanent resident of Singapore
  2. One person can bring three generations of family members in one application
  3. Opportunities to apply for quality public schools in Singapore
  4. Secured overseas asset allocation
  5. No inheritance tax for wealth management and family inheritance
  6. Tax exemption policy granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

GIP+ Family Offices Application Process

Estimated Client Qualification And Asset Management Amount, Before Formally Sign Contract

Submit Assessment And Application To EDB ( Economic Development Bureau )

Plan And Build Family Office Structure, Complete Company Registration And Bank Account Opening

Submit License / Tax Exemption Application To MAS

Submit Family PR Application To ICA ( Parents Can Apply For LTVP )

Obtained PR Approval In Principle, Letter Of Financial Authority License And Tax Exemption

Must Complete Formalities In Singapore Within 1 Year


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