Employer Sponsored Immigration (Deposit Type)

Employer Sponsored Immigration (Deposit Type)

For client who choose this project, Xincheng Group will make arrange for the client to work in a company in Singapore in a senior management position. The client only need to invest $150,000 USD as a mortgage deposit for five years. After the mortgage period expires, applicant is due to receive an exchange of 1.5 million US dollars and 5% of the income, coming to a total of 1.575 million US dollars. Applicants who hold the Employment Pass for about 12-18 months can begin to apply for permanent resident.

Project Advantage

  1. This project does not charge any handling fees
  2. The company has a strong government endorsement. The project developer is a registered institution with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the shareholder belong to a Singapore listed company and is one of the three major managers in Singapore Provident Fund
  3. Great flexibility, investors can terminate this agreement at any time after two years of investment with full refund
  4. No risk; no matter whether the identity is obtained or not, there is no capital loss
  5. It protects investment principal while obtaining Singapore green card status

Application Conditions

  1. Applicant need to possess working experience or higher education
  2. Applicant need to be of 20 – 55 years old
  3. Applicant need to submit a mortgage of 150 million USD to a licensed financial institution registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ) for a period of five years

Documents Required for EP Application

  1. Applicant passport
  2. Applicant resume
  3. Applicant possessing an education higher than college, need to provide their highest education certificate

Application Process

Signed Agreement

Payment of 100,000 U.S. Dollars As Collateral To Trustee Bank

Sign Official Agreement

Employment Pass Documents

Match And Sign Corresponding Job Position To Client’s Information And Background

14-Day Recruitment Advertising

After Employment Pass Successfully Processed, Apply For A Dependent Pass For Client’s Family And Remit 14 Million USD To The Custodian Bank As Collateral

After Client Holds Employment Pass For 6 – 12 Months, Start Preparing Materials To Apply For The Family’s Singapore Green Card PR Until Success


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