Singapore Immigration

Singapore Immigration

Due to its strong economic strength, Singapore has become the preferred destination of many immigrants. It is also one of the most economically prosperous countries in Southeast Asia. Singapore’s economy is the second largest open economy in the world. According to the World Bank Group’s latest “Doing Business 2020 Report”, Singapore still ranks second in the World Bank’s ranking of the easiest countries to do business. The combined rankings made Singapore the most business friendly country in the world. Singapore’s economic strength and friendly business environment ensure that immigrants to Singapore can find employment opportunities that satisfy them.

Singapore’s quality of life is one of the highest in the world and factors include low crime rates, political stability and high levels of urban development. Globally, Singapore ranks in the top ten in all these categories. Singapore ranks third among the most politically stable countries in the world.

Global Investor Program (GIP)

This plan is an investment immigration plan supervised by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Targeting successful entrepreneurs around the world who wish to obtain Singapore permanent residence for themselves and their families. The Global Business Investor Program (GIP) is currently Singapore’s only investment immigration method and the only immigration program that can get a green card in one step. 

Global Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office

GIP + Family Office is an alternate investment solution to GIP, as it only require applicant to set up a family office to serve as an investment immigration plan to be supervised by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Targeting successful entrepreneurs around the world, the Global Business Investor Program (GIP) + Family Office is suitable for those who wish to migrate to Singapore and reallocate their wealth asset to Singapore.

Self-employed Immigration

EP is a form of work visa issued by the Singapore government in order to attract foreign senior management, specialist and technical personnel to come to Singapore for self-employment entrepreneurship. Customers who choose this project need to register a company in Singapore and own shares in the company.

Family Office

If private banks are  at the top of the pyramid in commercial banking pyramid, then the family office is the apex of this pyramid.

Family office is an organization that gathers senior investment consultants, certified public accountants, lawyers and other professionals to provide a full range of wealth management services for high-net-worth family clients. Its business covers family trust, tax planning, asset management, private legal services, butler services, etc – it is the highest-end form of wealth management.

According to data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the scale of asset management in Singapore is increasing year by year, reaching S$3.4 trillion in 2018, or approximately US$2.5 trillion, making it the world’s largest asset management center. According to another set of data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), bank deposits of residents outside Singapore reached a record $62.14 billion in April 2020.

The Singapore government welcomes high-net-worth families to set up family offices locally, providing tax incentives and concessions for successfully established funds.

Employer Sponsored Immigration (Deposit Type)

For client who choose this project, Xincheng Group will make arrange for the client to work in a company in Singapore in a senior management position. The client only need to invest $150,000 USD as a mortgage deposit for five years. After the mortgage period expires, applicant is due to receive an exchange of 1.5 million US dollars and 5% of the income, coming to a total of 1.575 million US dollars. Applicants who hold the Employment Pass for about 12-18 months can begin to apply for permanent resident. 

Student Immigration

On December 18, 2017, the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority issued the latest policy: as long as a student pass the PSLE ​​(Primary Six School Leaving Examination), N-level/O-level/A-level in Singapore, or any of the national exams, and live in Singapore for two years, they can directly apply for Singapore permanent residents. 


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